Orthodontic Appliances Plano, TX

Palatal Expander

Until a child finishes growth in late adolescence, it is possible to expand a narrow upper jaw.  When the upper jaw is too narrow, erupting teeth are crowded and the bite does not fit properly.  The expander gives a patient a great opportunity to correct a skeletal problem without the need for jaw surgery later in life.

Dr. Chen will give you instructions for making turns with a key to the small screw in the center of the expander.  Once expansion is completed, the change will need to be maintained while new bone grows and fills in by leaving the expander in place for about four (4) months.


Historically, Class II (overbite) correction often required wearing headgear and facebows for several hours daily despite the potential for embarrassment and discomfort.  Dr. Chen utilizes FORSUS instead of the headgear.

The FORSUS Class II Corrector appliance continuously applies light force without any need to make daily changes or adjustments.  It is an open-coil spring, so it is easy to brush clean and because
it is positioned in the back of the mouth, it is not very visible to others.  In addition, patients will be able to open their mouths wider than with other treatment options.

Lingual Holding Arch